Saturday, August 13, 2011

Natural hormone support

Optimum hormone levels may help one to feel more energy, have a healthier digestive tract and younger looking skin. Symptoms of hormonal disruption include: anxiety, depression, decreased sexual desire, fatigue, hair loss heart palpitations, hot flashes and increased facial hair in women, mood swings, night sweats, loss of scalp hair, weight gain.
There are health benefits to maintaining optimum hormone levels and there are some unique approaches to balancing estrogen and progesterone levels, stomach acid levels and thyroid- adrenal gland function In the near or post- menopausal woman, the female hormones estrogen, progesterone, DHEA and testosterone can and the latter two should optimally be tested in the free / unbound form using saliva and naturally occurring bio-identical plant hormones may be used. Salivary estrogens: estradiol and estrone as well as progesterone and testosterone should be assessed in women and then balanced appropriately. Brashear’s pharmacy offers pure plant based bio-identical hormones for all of these. Your doctor would start with low dosage and may prescribe these in cream, lozenge or pill form. Dietary changes to increase naturally occurring plant hormones and creams made from yams or supplements may be helpful.
In cases of acid indigestion such as the gastro-esophageal reflux dysfunction also known as G.E.R.D. is not likely to be a case of excess stomach acid production but is more likely a lack of proper food digestion. You may have food sensitivity or allergy problems causing inability to digest certain foods. Part of the problem is often stomach acid that is actually too weak. A change in diet, quantity of food consumed each meal and digestive enzymes and glandular formulas such as freeze dried cow stomach or small intestine in pill form may aid or solve the problem. Taking antacids may alleviate symptoms yet cause a leaky gut syndrome which allows more food allergies and may cause bowel inflammation to result. So what started as a complaint of an “acid stomach” can result in Inflammatory Bowel disease which has symptoms of alternating bouts of diarrhea or loose bowels and constipation.
The artificial manipulation of a hypo-active thyroid using synthetic stimulating hormone will usually have an effect on the adrenal glands. The adrenal glands are important in maintain energy, weight and blood pressure. A nutritional approach to balancing adrenal and thyroid function utilizing iodine from the sea, thyroid and adrenal cow extracts and a change in diet, nutrition and lifestyle may offer far superior results long term. If these approaches do not work, there is an alternative to Synthroid from pigs called Armour.
The quick manipulation of symptoms by synthetic pharmaceutical drugs is not the best answer for everyone. The benefits outweigh the risks for attempting natural approaches first for these problems.

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